CRUSEing to a second term

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Credits keeping his promises

By The Staff

Incumbent Mayor Terry Cruse defeated challenger Rita Williams by 148 votes Tuesday to reclaim the top seat in Hodgenville for a second term.

“Four years ago, I ran that I would run the city like a business within our means. That’s what I said —  and that’s what I did — and that’s what the voters are saying they want again," Cruse said in an interview at the LaRue County Courthouse minutes after he was confirmed the winner. "I’ll do my best to do what I’ve done in the past four years. . . We didn’t raise any taxes, and we’re one of the few cities in the black. We'll continue to watch our spending over the next four years."

Cruse campaigned on the platform of operating city government like a business, improving sidewalks, streets, water and sewer systems, sound management of tax dollars and promoting tourism.

Cruse will lead the six-member city council, which includes 3 new faces: Kenny DeVore, Woodie Handley Glenda Wathen. Incumbents Bonni Clark, Jim Phelps and Otis Smith retained seats in a race of 10 challengers. 

“Iee^have no regrets. I ran a clean and fair race and Iee^wish Terry well in his win,” said Williams, who regretted that a large number of people aren’t registered to voted. “The people voted and that’s their choice.”

Pollsters said turnout was higher than the primary.