Cross Country runners head to State

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Amarah Reed takes third in region

By The Staff

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The Lady Hawks Cross Country team took third in the Class 2-A, Region Championship Saturday at Ephram White Park in Bowling Green. The team will compete at the state meet Saturday at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

Sophomore Amarah Reed took sixth (21:41.05). Two other Ladies finished in the top 14: eighth-grader Kristina Durbin (10th, 21:54.37) and junior three-sport athlete Michelle Seymour (14th, 22:17.37). Reed earned her third State berth and first since 2006, Durbin’s heading to State for the first time and Seymour, who also plays basketball and tennis, earned her second straight State berth after finishing fourth at region last year. Seymour was coming off an injury that prohibited her from practicing the week before regionals.

Overall, the team scored 86 points.

"It has been a work in progress for us," said Coach Josh Henderson. "The entire cross country program at LaRue County has been revitalized over these past three seasons since I've been coach. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication of these young ladies.”

The Lady Hawks’ other scorers were eighth-graders Amanda Adyani (24th, 23:30.01) and Harley Keller (40th, 24:25.03).

"We always knew we had a shot, but the girls knew they had to earn it...they did" said Henderson.


The boys’ team finished seventh with 174 points. Freshman Adam Sandidge finished 15th (18:17.61) and shaved off nearly three minutes from last year’s region time and 3:39.18 from his 2008 region time on his home course. It was his best time for the season and his career thus far. Sandidge earned one of the region’s five individual berths to State.

"Adam has tremendous long distance running talent,” said Henderson. “He deserves this because he dedicates himself daily to train and become faster and more competitive in every meet. He is only a freshman and he will surprise the area in the next couple of years."

The Hawks’ other scorers were sophomore Marshall Metcalf (42nd, 20:27.08), freshman Brett Dunn (45th, 20:54.20), junior Lucas Pepper (48th, 20:58.59) and senior Spencer Reed (52nd, 21:29.93).

"Our boys were full of rookie runners,” said Henderson. “They ran as hard as they could and had some great times individually speaking. They will only get better and I believe the boys' team has the opportunity hopefully to share the success of the girls' team."

The cross country program graduates one senior boy this season in longtime veteran runner Spencer Reed.

"I am very proud of my runners,” Henderson said. “They honestly give everything they have each time the gun fires at the start. They commit themselves to a sport many kids refuse to do. I have the upmost respect for the accomplishments that each one of them has earned."