Creekfront restrooms under construction

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By Linda Ireland

Construction of restrooms at Creekfront Park began last week.
General contractor Joe Pearman said the plumbing inspection was completed Wednesday. The concrete foundation has been poured also.
The original plan made last fall was for a pre-fab restroom that came ready to set on a foundation. Mayor Terry Cruse decided to have a concrete block structure constructed on site.
“We found we could build it for less than a pre-fab would cost,” said Cruse.
The two-staller is being paid for by a $24,692 grant through the Department of Local Government. The City is using in-kind labor, including paying for the foundation and installing sewer lines, to match the state grant.
Cruse said he checked with the DLG about the change in construction plans.
“Frankfort OK’d it as long as it had the same floor plan,” he said.
The location of the building has changed as well. The original plan was to have the pre-fab restroom near the creek bank. Cruse decided to have it constructed closer to the roadway, beside the pavilion.
The north fork of the Nolin River floods Creekfront Park a couple of times each year and Cruse believes the building will better “stand up to the creek” in that location as the current will not be so strong.
Pearman said the building will have four drains in it so it can be “rinsed out quickly” in case of flooding.
The lighting is better in the central location and Cruse thinks people will “feel safer” especially when using the facilities after dark.
The building’s exterior will be of stone and the roof covered with wooden shakes to match the appearance of the pavilion. A sidewalk will connect to the walking path.
Water lines that were installed at the pre-fab site will continue to be used, Cruse said.
Cruse expects the building to be completed in six-to-eight weeks.