Court Brief: Aug. 27, 2014

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Final sentencing
David A. Durham (1993) pleaded guilty July 18 in LaRue Circuit Court to one count of possession of controlled substance (methamphetamine). He was sentenced to three years to be pre-trial diverted. Final sentencing was Aug. 18.
In contempt
Jermaine Pierre Dyer (1984) failed to appear Aug. 18 in LaRue Circuit Court. A bench warrant was issued and bond set at $2,500 cash only. Dyer allegedly is not paying child support.
Diverted sentence
Walter A. Gaulke (1967) of Buffalo received a diverted sentence Aug. 18 in LaRue Circuit Court on several charges of burglary.
Gaulke was charged with burglarizing five residences in late December and pleaded guilty to the charges in LaRue Circuit Court in July. He was ordered to pay $25 per month for costs.
He pleaded guilty to six charges of third-degree burglary, amended from second degree (recommended sentence of five years on each count). In one case, he entered an Alford plea in which he maintained his innocence but admitted the evidence would likely return a guilty verdict in court.

Case dismissed
The charge of flagrant nonsupport against Lorenza Lovejoy Jr. was dismissed Aug. 18 in LaRue Circuit Court.
Bench warrant issued
A bench warrant was issued Aug. 18 for Charles Glynn Reed. Bond was set at $2,500 cash only. He was declared a fugitive.
Boy Lincoln striker fails to appear in court
The driver who struck the Lincoln as a Boy statue in 2011 again failed to appear in LaRue Circuit Court on Aug. 18. A bench warrant was issued for Jeremy S. Veatch (1987) of Austin. Bond to be applied to financial conditions.
Veatch pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He served 30 days.
Veatch was ordered to pay for damages to the statue ($2,200). According to court documents, he owes $1,275.91.
Alternate sentence
Ethan Robert Ferguson (1978) was sentenced to 60 days in jail in an Aug. 18 revocation hearing. Ferguson, in a 2012 case, was ordered to pay child support. Court records indicate he did not pay his fine of $265.