Couple indicted in heroin bust

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Officer calls heroin an 'unusual' find in county

By Linda Ireland

A Hodgenville couple was indicted Feb. 20 by a LaRue County grand jury on drug trafficking charges.
Tiffany Underwood and James Alex Clifford, both 23, are each charged with first-degree trafficking in controlled substance and complicity; first-degree possession of controlled substance (heroin) and complicity; first-degree possession of controlled substance, drug unspecified, and complicity; possession of drug paraphernalia and complicity; and possession of marijuana and complicity.
Trafficking is a Class C felony.
LaRue County Deputy Eric Williamson said he received a tip about illegal drug activity in Underwood and Clifford’s residence on Greensburg Street. He and Constable Tim Ford searched the house on Dec. 19 and reportedly found several items “used to traffic heroin.”
Williamson said they found a small amount of powder that field tested as heroin in a sunglasses case, “all items” used to inject the substance and several packages of “bindles,” small envelopes made from the corner of a magazine page.
There was also “what appeared to be a written record of trafficking,” Williamson said.
It’s unusual to come across heroin in a local drug investigation, Williamson said.
“It’s not what you expect to find in LaRue County,” he said. “Usually it’s meth, cocaine or pills. Heroin is probably at the bottom of the list.”
The National Institute on Drug Abuse describes heroin as a highly-addictive opiate. It is extracted from the seed pod of the Asian opium poppy. It may be injected, snorted, sniffed or smoked.
Bail for Underwood and Clifford was set at $25,000 upon condition of dusk-to-dawn curfew, no violation of the penal code and no contact with each other.
Their arraignment will be March 5 in LaRue Circuit Court.
The indictment of a person by a grand jury is an accusation only and the person is innocent until and unless proven guilty.