County offers $500 reward for information about stolen road signs

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LaRue Fiscal Court approves bounty

By Ron Benningfield

LaRue Fiscal Court is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a person or persons who has been stealing or destroying road and stop signs in the county.

Over the summer, several signs, costing hundreds of dollars to replace, were stolen throughout the county. Timmy Brown, county road supervisor, speaking to magistrates as the court met Tuesday in Hodgenville, said the latest incident occurred two weeks ago in the Roanoke area.

“On Sept. 10, they stole a road sign, stop sign, and the sign post,” Brown said. “We replaced them, and on Sept. 16, they stole those signs and pushed the signpost over until it broke.”

Brown told how in one instance, crews had replaced a post with sign, had gone to replace another on a nearby road, and by the time they passed by the first site no more than 30 minutes later, someone had bent the sign so it was unusable.

Total replacement and labor costs for recent thefts came to about $1,200. Brown said the replacement cost for one sign and post is $119 plus $40 labor.

“At first, we thought someone might be stealing the signs for the metal, but when you take a truck and push the post over, that’s vandalism,” Tommy Turner, judge-executive, said. “It’s not only the costs that are involved, but also the lack of road signs to guide responders in an emergency, which could be very serious.”

Brown said county road crews are well into their fourth round of mowing, and are leveling and chip sealing roads in various sections of the county.

“Green River Tree Service has cut trees on Kings Road and Hawkins Road, and road department crews have cleaned it up,” he said. “Crews also have trimmed trees on Peachtree and McDowell roads.”

Bryan Durham, third district magistrate, requested crews clean the road surface of red clay that has washed onto Airline Road.

Fourth District magistrate W.L. Miller told Brown that A.B. Ward Road needs widening. Brown replied that his department will widen the road two to three feet on each side later this fall.

EMS director interviews

Turner said interviews for the county’s Emergency Services Director will begin tomorrow.

“We have eight applicants to be interviewed for the position,” he said.

The court approved the purchase of four cardiac monitors/defibrillators. Interim Emergency Medical Services director Amy Helm told the court the four units normally cost over $100,000, but these units are discounted to $45,631.25. Grant money from Senate Bill 66 will cover the expense. She expects to obtain at least 10-12 years’ service out of the new units.

Helm said that an on-site inspection by the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services Sept. 17 resulted in no deficiencies being noted.

LaRue EMS employee Javier Aleman has completed his paramedic course. He continues to obtain the required number of clinical hours before taking the state board exam in February.

EMS totaled 93 ambulance transports last month. Helm told magistrates the emergency transports are about the same, but the lack of dialysis transfers has caused the total number to be down.