County deals with flooding on Walter Reed Road

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By Linda Ireland

While most of the county’s floodwaters have receded during the last two weeks, an area on Walter Reed Road continues to be a problem.
Water up to six-feet-deep has covered the roadway, less than a mile from the intersection with Old E’town Road.
Clyde Veirs, county road supervisor, described it as a “basin” area that doesn’t go down as fast as stream water to LaRue Fiscal Court last week.
The county contacted property owners on both sides of Walter Reed Road to receive permission to run water lines across their land to carry the water away from the road.
LaRue County Judge/ Executive Tommy Turner said the county received permission to re-allocate use of the National Guard’s large pump that helped divert water on Lincoln Farm Road earlier this month. Friday, the large pump was set up on Walter Reed Road and county employees began fusing the 18-inch pipes together.
The Corps of Engineers in conjunction with FEMA put down 4,000 feet of pipe to divert the water to a creek near the LaRue-Hardin county line.
Chris Jackson, supervisor of emergency management services, said the crews worked through the weekend so they could begin pumping Monday.
Jackson said it didn’t appear that the water was going to recede on its own.
“If we don’t do something the road will be closed for months,” Jackson said.
Turner said there have been water problems on Walter Reed in the past, “but nothing like this.”
“Usually after a couple of days the water recedes and takes care of itself,” Turner said. “Not so this time. I think we’ve seen some changes made to the water table as a result of the large amount of rainfall. I had a person tell me they now have a spring where they used to have a depression area in the ground. Another told me that water used to drain off into a sink area but it’s stopped draining there now.”
“When you have 22-inches of rain in less than a month, things happen and things change,” he added.