Commemorate your fish or game with free online certificates

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A new online tool from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will allow hunters, anglers and trappers to create personalized certificates to help celebrate their experiences.
Users can upload photos of their fish or game and enter details about their experiences to produce printable certificates suitable for framing.
The certificate program is available from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s website at fw.ky.gov.
Kentucky Fish and Wildlife staff created the certificate program to help hunters, anglers and trappers celebrate their trips afield or on the water by creating a high quality memento.
Users create a title for their certificate based on the specifics of their hunting or fishing experience, such as “My First White-Tailed Deer” or “My 2011 Largemouth Bass.”
The date and method of take can also be specified.
The certificate tool can be accessed directly at http://fw.ky.gov/APP/certificate.