COLUMN: Troubles turn us better or bitter

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By George Smith

 Have you heard that troubles will make you bitter or better? We decide which it will be. Blessings and difficulties come to us all. How we respond to the things that come into our lives is very important. Our response will reveal our character. We can all smile in the sunshine, but trouble reveals our true inner self.

At best, we should let our problems bring us closer to God. When a child gets hurt, he turns to his parents for help. God loves and cares for us more than even our parents. Unfortunately, some individuals let their troubles push them away from God and they become bitter. This bitterness can drive one from God.

Face your problems when they come and they will come. Learn from them. Let them draw you closer to God. Good can come from bad if we allow the bad to push us to the throne of God’s grace.

Present troubles can teach us to avoid future ones. Learn from the wrong today and avoid it in the future. It would be foolish to experience the consequences of sin and not learn from it.

Having gone through troubles we are better able to counsel others. No one can help you get through the valley better than someone who has been through the valley.

If we respond correctly to problems and let them draw us closer to God, they can help us grow spiritually. This will mean that we are then better equipped to help others.

The word of God contains real answers to life’s problems. Study God’s Word, meditate upon it, and obey it. You will be able to face troubles knowing God is with you.