COLUMN: Trash collection, requirements and options

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By Jill Gray

 LaRue County operates under the “Universal Collection Standard.” What this means is that, the County provides trash service to its residents in the form of a franchise hauler.

The current hauler for unincorporated areas (outside Hodgenville City limits) is Waste Transport Service, and their phone number is 270-234-9278. Trash service is not mandatory, (but there are stipulations, see below) and WTS bills its customers quarterly.

City of Hodgenville's franchise hauler is Rumpke of Kentucky and their number is 270-765-2427. Service is mandatory and is paid for through residential water bills.

Trash service is not unlimited in the amounts you set out for disposal each week. Some families may have to pay an additional fee if their trash load is over a “usual and customary level.”

Trash is required to be packaged in airtight containers, with a fly-tight lid.  Both companies will provide containers that are normally sufficient in size for average households, for a small rental fee. This container is adapted with a special bracket that allows the truck to “tip the container” safely and effectively. 

We recommend the use of these containers as they are sturdy, and also they will swap them out when they become broken down. You may choose to purchase your own container; however the haulers are not responsible if they become broken, run over, wear out or lids get lost. Containers in bad shape may be considered waste and disposed of as trash by the hauler. Resident-owned containers must also meet the guidelines for size and weight limits as well. 

It is not an acceptable practice to set out bags of garbage without containers on a regular basis. This is due to the possibility of insect and rodent infestation, being run over by vehicles, animals tearing up bags and spreading garbage along the roadside and the creation of a fire hazard. If the container is full and this is additional waste, it’s OK. Any litter due to animals is normally the responsibility of the resident to clean up. We have some exceptional drivers that will do what they can, but don't have time to get all.

What do our haulers not take?

Generally our haulers will not pick up tires (there is a disposal fee), construction materials (service is residential household garbage), and items containing Freon (refrigerators/air conditioners), hazardous chemicals, paint, liquids, biohazard containers or bags, and yard waste (except in fall). They may take bulky items like furniture and appliances on a limited basis or for an additional fee. Contact the haulers, City Hall, or myself if you have questions or for other options.

What if I choose not to participate with the county service? Your options include self-hauling your waste to a landfill or transfer station (must keep receipts to prove you do this), recycling all items that you can and composting organic matter, and no open burning of garbage.

Open burning of branches, limbs and brush must be done between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., and you must call 911 to inform them of a controlled burn; this way if there is a burn ban in place they can alert you not to burn until the ban is lifted. Do not burn within 50-feet of buildings, 150-feet of wooded area, and keep piles less than 10-feet in diameter and two-feet high. Wind should be less than five miles per hour.

Not only does LaRue County have the lowest priced residential waste service in the area, it's easy, and we currently have great haulers. The more people who subscribe to this service and the less they actually throw away (due to recycling/composting), can help keep our rates at a decent level if not eventually lower them. 

Big hats off to our solid waste haulers – Waste Transport Service and Rumpke of Kentucky.

If you have any questions or problems, give me a call at 270-358-9903 ext. 1008.