COLUMN: Thank you Dads, for all you've given

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By Candis Carpenter

My husband and my dad are polar opposites.

Dad is a sun up to sun down worker and Shane is what I call a “nine-to-fiver.” Dad’s hands are rough from manual labor; Shane’s are soft from washing dishes. Dad’s advice is short and sweet while Shane’s never ends. Despite every difference you can think of, the two share a common factor. They are both fathers, excellent fathers, who deserve more recognition than I can give.

No one will ever understand the appreciation I have for my dad. He has stood by my side when he didn’t have to and has been my “rock” in a sea of pebbles. Through all the lessons that have been taught to me, one of dad’s stays clear in my mind. “You get back what you put in to life.”

 These nine words are one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned. I’m 22 and just now taking heed to what he means. For me dad’s lesson sums up all of life’s “rules.” Treat others how you like to be treated. Work hard for what you get. Don’t expect handouts, the list goes on. Either way you read it, one thing is for sure: Good ole dad has been right all along.

My husband is a strong soul with a heart similar to butter. If you need it and he’s got it, he will give it. More times than I care to remember he has given money, car rides, food and clothing to those in need – a good thing in small increments – but Shane doesn’t do “small.”

As often as I would like to be angry for the massive amounts of good deeds, I can’t. In essence, Shane is a father to all. He gives more than he has and works for more to give. I know he has touched many lives, including my own. Our daughter is lucky to have him as a father and I am lucky to have him as a husband.

I’ve learned over the years that you don’t have to have children to be a father and having children alone does not make you one. Father’s Day, in my eyes, is a celebration of father figures world wide – the ones with children, the ones without and the ones stepping up to fill a void. Happy Father’s Day to all my readers – it’s a day you truly deserve.