COLUMN: Thank you, Angel, for your devotion to the community

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By Krista Levee, LaRue County Chamber of Commerce

 I remember first learning about Kentucky History in Mrs. Warnick’s 4th grade class. She was a Civil War buff and dressed up as a pioneer woman when we discussed that period in Kentucky’s history. She and her husband would participate in different Civil War reenactments in various locations. 

I remember being fascinated that a President was born in Kentucky and wondered where and what kind of town Hodgenville must be to raise such an amazing man like Abraham Lincoln.

I was born and raised a western Kentucky girl with no ties to central Kentucky until college. While attending Campbellsville University, I met and fell in love with the man who would uproot me permanently from western Kentucky as he took a job in Hodgenville before we married. That was 11 years ago.

Today, I can tell you where and what kind of town Hodgenville is, it’s home. It is a place where you meet its people and they become part of your family. You can move away to the big city and miss home … not the house you lived in, but the people who made you feel at home.

There is one person who has been faithful at keeping the home light on at the LaRue County Chamber of Commerce since July.  

This has been a tough week in the Chamber office. It was Angel French’s last week working for the Chamber. Even though I have only known her a short time, she has become like family. She genuinely cares about her community and its people and has a desire to see them succeed.

She has become my right hand, not to mention a human phone book. I am convinced she knows everyone’s phone number.

Even though she will no longer be working in the office for the Chamber; she will not stop investing in her community. She loves it too much!

And that is really what we all should be doing; investing in each other so we can succeed together.

Thank you, Angel French for serving your community in this capacity as interim chamber director. I am anxious to see where God has you serving your community next.