COLUMN: Teens have brought the 'good kind' of attention to LaRue

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By Linda Ireland

LaRue County has produced a splendid crop of young people. It’s difficult to keep up with all their accomplishments.
Here are a few of the most recent:
Bright-eyed, sweet-toned Kenzi Lewis has accomplished at age 15 what many people only dream of  – performing on a Hollywood stage on American Idol. She lasted a couple of weeks on the TV show and we were sorry to see her leave.  I have a feeling she’ll be back on that stage in the future.
A trio of young men – Ian Mather, Timmy Gibson and Jeshua Logsdon – have turned heads on the national stage in speech and debate. Their coach, Katy Blair Cecil, has done a wonderful job with her team. They’ve competed and succeeded at several prestigious tournaments.
LaRue County’s own Matmen, the Hawks Wrestling Team, brought home a fourth-place trophy from the weekend’s State Tournament. Seven of the 14 athletes brought home an individual medal.
They won the State Duals, an equally prestigious tournament made up of the best 16 teams in the state.
Long-time Head Coach Gary Canter is already looking forward to next year with a team full of state medalists.
The LCHS cheerleaders brought home a fifth-place trophy from their state competition this weekend. They went head-to-head with nationally competitive teams as well.
Kudos to their coaches for preparing these girls to compete at this level. It’s not just about cheering anymore. Countless hours of gymnastics are built into the practices.
Senior Sydney Dobson, along with her parents, has invested countless hours in preparing for a college cheerleading career. Her ultimate goal is a degree in a branch of health science. Cheering will provide her with a scholarship to pursue that goal.
Megan Smith, another senior, has started a drive to provide gently-used books to children who have, for one reason or other, lost their library privileges. The project has been a huge success on several levels.
The Robo Hawks, a group of young tekkies, built a robot that brought home a judge’s award from a state competition at Western Kentucky University. Their coaches, David Walsh and Price Smith, are parent volunteers with a knack for science.
We hope you’ve been looking over the lists of honor roll students the last few weeks. Each name represents dedication and many hours of study.
These days, it’s all-too-familiar to see headlines about young people committing a variety of wrongs or avoiding any semblance of responsibility. It’s always refreshing to read – and write about – the other ones.