COLUMN: So much to enjoy at Lincoln Days

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Jeff Hughes, President of Lincoln Days

There are a lot of factors that make every Lincoln Days Celebration successful, but most important are the dedicated community volunteers who step up and provide leadership and professionalism to every aspect of the celebration.

This year's board comprises experienced servants from the past plus new blood which is always refreshing and provides oft needed approaches to keep us at the forefront and a leader in the local festival market.

The list of thanks is never ending: clearly the current Board, volunteers, community, county and city leadership. We have been fortunate again this year to have a large number of sponsors, without their support we would not be able to host such a breadth of activities that we have all come to enjoy. Last but certainly not least are the advertisers who make this supplement possible. I encourage each of you to seek out our sponsors, advertisers, volunteers and civic leaders and thank them for their support through a variable gesture or from the benefit of your wallet. 

Now it is time for the show to get underway. Our thanks to The LaRue County Herald News for their assistance in putting this supplement together.

It is our pleasure again this year to present a fantastic festival. I will try and walk you through my view of the festival and all the experiences everyone should explore. Let's get started Sunday afternoon, Sept. 25 with our opening ceremony and art show. They all take place in the Lincoln Museum Community Room in the squircle. Listen for some special music and make sure you stay for the afternoon delight sponsored by LaRue County Fiscal Court and hosted by the Crosstown Homemackers. 

Then venture up to the Hodgenville Civic Center, main auditorium, for the baby contest, Little Abe and Sara contests, and hopefully, we will host a few pioneer families. These events are mainstays and have provided a traditional kickoff to the Lincoln Days Celebration. 

Most LaRue Countians find Lincoln Days a good time for a family get-together.  By Saturday, Oct. 1 everyone is ready for a big weekend. Come early and take it all in. A lot of us start with a traditional country breakfast hosted by the Hodgenville Woman's Club. 

It is OK if you think you are seeing things if you look over that hot biscuit and see more than one Abraham Lincoln escorted by the lovely Mary Todd. We are fortunate to have numerous Lincoln presenters in town to participate in the oratory or lookalike contest.

In the meantime, check out our food, craft and commercial vendors. There is plenty of entertainment on the two stages. Begin staking out your spot for the upcoming events and wander down to Creekfront Park. They will begin building pioneer villages, tractors will be unloading for the tractor show and there will be games and plenty of things to keep the kids occupied. 

Up on the street you'll see the posting of the parade for later in the day. Stay long enough to watch the beginning of the pioneer games and maybe find some food at one of the Creekfront vendors. It is getting close. Stick your head in some of the local businesses who support the festival. Listen to some of the best entertainment this side of Nashville.

If you missed the art show it is open all weekend. The quilts are on display at the Christian Church and there is plenty of food no matter your taste.

Hurry up now, it is about parade time. Settle back and enjoy one of the finest parades around.

Oh, no, it is not time to head home, there is plenty of entertainment, including heading back to Creekfront and watch how the pioneers spent their time with fun contests including the bucket brigade and pole ride. Now stick around for the talent contest and an evening planned for your enjoyment.

Whew, I am tired but I have to be back in town early on Sunday morning. Chairs to sit up, come early, there will be breakfast at the Woman's Club and some of the vendors will be open plus we have entertainers who will come early to keep your foot tapping. 

Lincoln himself had specific thoughts on the Bible and proclaimed the first National day of Prayer in 1863. We carry on that tradition by having a nondenominational community church service. You will likely see those same folks you did last Sunday sitting close by. And you might even hear your own choir.  Now it is time for the "Wow." Those folks with the fancy cars are rolling into Creekfront Park. Come on down and check out the vehicles of yesterday, today and some in between. 

In the meantime look around and watch the chips fly as the professionals take to the logs to make rails. It is a show to behold and the roots to the celebration.  These folks really make rail making look easy and the travel around just for the fun of splitting logs.

Whew, I had a good time. I hope you enjoy our little community and tell your friends we'd love having you come back anytime for a visit or return any year on this, the first weekend in October.

Check www.lincolnday.org for all the details. 


Jeffrey Hughes

Lincoln Days President