COLUMN: Make a habit of saving with your child

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Third annual piggy bank contest begins

By Theresa Howard

 Each week, set aside a few dollars and put it into a savings account or into a piggy bank at home. Make sure you have one account for yourself and one for your child. As weeks go buy, you and your children can watch your respective savings grow. Be sure to stick with your savings plan and only spend your savings on things you really want. By doing this you will not only start to save yourself, but will also help your child start to save as well.

Set a goal, make a plan, save automatically, with your children.

Create a savings plan and goal. Pick something you want to save for and an amount that you can realistically save every month. Most young savers choose to save between $5 and $25 a month, but save more if you can.

Keep your savings in a bank account or some other place that is not easy to access. If you keep the money you want to save in your wallet, it’s too easy to spend.

Have a plan for making regular deposits into your savings account or piggy bank.

Youth Piggy Bank Design Contest

The Extension Service is promoting the 3rd annual statewide Youth Piggy Bank Design Contest. This is for any youth up through age 18. Use your creativity and make a bank to save your change. Banks should not exceed one foot square in size and must be able to hold coins. Banks do not have to be in the shape of a pig, but must be personally decorated by the youth contestant.

Deadline for banks to be brought to the local Extension Office is Nov. 30. The top winning design will be eligible to go onto the District contest. Top two designs from the District will be displayed in Frankfort and receive $250 cash prize. For complete guidelines and entry form, contact the Extension Office at 358-3401.