COLUMN: Karaoke brings on case of stage fright

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By Ramona Coffey

I did it! I sang karaoke at the LaRue County Fair Friday night.

Oh my gosh! I have never experienced stage fright like that in my entire 46 years!

Flashback a few hours preceding the actual contest: I began my morning by driving to Louisville for my chemo at the Brown Cancer Center. I took the scenic route through Younger’s Creek and Boston and Lebanon Junction, and as I was traveling I heard John Denver singing his classic hit “Country Roads Take Me Home.”

I was singing right along with him as I drove along. I couldn’t get that song out of my head. As I got up from my chair to leave the center, a woman from the University of Louisville School of Music was playing her guitar and singing. As she finished her song and I was leaving the unit, I broke out in the same song I heard on my drive there, “Country Roads Take Me Home.” I even had the floor secretary singing with me as I awaited the elevator ride back down.

I sang on the way home, I sang when I returned to work. I sang for folks before the contest, I sang in the bathroom, I was all about singing! And then it was my turn to take to the stage – I sang, but I shook so bad, if you were there, you could probably see me trembling.

I am the queen of karaoke, I will hog the karaoke if I can get by with it. What in the world came over me? I sure didn’t like that feeling, could not believe it.

Stage fright took hold of me, not to mention I had to follow the winner (who sang beautifully on her song choice of Alleluia), and numerous other awesome singers before me. My daughter has entered numerous karaoke contests, and even won at some, but the whole stage fright thingy must have totally skipped her generation. Wow!

My hat goes off to all the winners, and many contestants, who participated. I will be there to cheer you on next year, but I’m going to leave my singing off stage. I’ll keep singing at work (my co-workers will be glad to see this in print) and I’ll sing in the shower, and I’ll sing in the bathroom, and in my car, but I’ll leave the actual contests to those of you who don’t tremble as I do.

Again, congrats to all the winners, participants, judges, and the entire LaRue County Fair board for hosting this exciting event. Can’t wait to watch next year.