COLUMN: Joining the Herald News' staff led to wonderful and stinky situations

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By Candis Carpenter

It’s been a little over a year since I started work at The LaRue County Herald News and it still feels new – which is a good thing. The job never gets boring and just when it seems like things are falling routine – something will come up.
In the past year I have made sorghum, got up close and personal with the fair and Lincoln Days, fell in muddy ditches, been screamed at – and complimented – met several people – most of them nice, stepped in cow poo, published the wrong ads, wrote about accomplishments, training events, community projects, crime, sewage and all sorts of interesting things.
Sewage, cow poo and all, I wouldn’t trade it. The people in the community are something to be spoken of. They help you change your tire when it’s flat – tried and true – and push your car when it’s out of gas. I’ve met more folks in LaRue County that still have that “southern charm” than in any other place I’ve been. Although I am Kentucky born and raised, my appreciation for true “small town” life goes a long way.
Neighbors chat, passersby wave and stores close early. The simple way of life is what preserves the best of what LaRue County has to offer.
 There is no better way to say it: Thank you LaRue County, for a wonderful first year, your welcoming manner has made this county my forever home.