COLUMN: 'I want to live!'

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By George Smith

 A man was asked, “When you are in your casket, family and friends are mourning over you, what would you like for them to say about you?” His reply: “Look, he’s moving.”

This man wanted to live and that is the desire of almost everyone. Why? There are a variety of reasons but I believe God placed the desire to live within every one of us. Without that desire, we would try to end it all when situations become extremely tough.

But the sad truth is that many people already are dead and don’t know it. That is, spiritually dead. This means they are dead to Christ and God. How could this be? Sin has made them dead to real life, to God and spiritual things. When sin takes over, one becomes the “walking dead.”

There is an escape through Jesus Christ. He alone can give victory over sin.  In Ephesians 2:1-10, Paul gives us three ways we can become alive in Christ.  Remember he is writing to Christians. He says first, we were dead in sin (2:1-2). The picture is of a person’s life before they become a Christian, in which they followed the sinful ways of the world and Satan.

Secondly, Paul says, “But God ....” It has been said that those are two of the greatest words in the Bible. “But God ...” even when we are dead in sin, is  rich in mercy and sent his son to die for our salvation.

Finally, Paul paints the picture of one who is alive in Christ. The Christian is alive because of what Jesus did for him on the cross and his acceptance of Jesus as Savior.

We are made alive with Christ when we become a Christian. The Bible says we do not die spiritually, but death just transfers us to our heavenly home. Our destiny is decided here before physical death. But after death the Christian will be more alive than ever and his life will never end.