COLUMN: Help your child learn social studies

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LaRue County Educational Association

 The study of history opens a window into the past that provides an understanding of the present day. It also allows students to analyze how individuals, nations and the global community might develop in the future.

By learning history, children will develop the intellectual skills and civic values necessary to participate in a democracy, as well as develop the skills necessary to be able to deal with people of other cultures.

Areas typically covered in the social studies curriculum are history, geography, economics, citizenship, culture and government.

You can take advantage of this month of February by making your child aware that we celebrate Black History Month during this time, and explain why we do that. 

Some things that you can do to help your child develop an interest in social studies/history are:

• Share family history and stories.

• Watch the evening news or a television program about a historical event and then talk about items of interest. If you get The History Channel, they have excellent programs that can lead to great discussions.

• Discuss current events relating them to people or events of the past.

• Read the daily newspaper or magazine and sharing what you learned.

• Keep a U.S. or world map handy so that you can locate the stories “in the news.”

• Visit museums or historic places.

• Build your child’s critical thinking skills by asking basic “who, what, when, where, how and why” questions about different events.

• Discuss what your child is studying in class.

All of us are contained in history/social studies. You can help your child grasp the concept of history by simply showing them the connections between things that happen in life, why they happen and what they can learn from them. This is the springboard for studying more specific events in history and learning from them.

Courtesy of the LaRue County Education Association with additional information from the Fort Worth Independent School District.