COLUMN: Guthrie updates constituents

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By Congressman Brett Guthrie

We’ve had a busy few weeks filled with committee hearings and legislation to address Washington’s core problem – runaway spending. As I’m sure you would agree, our country is facing some tough challenges. Our debt continues to balloon and uncertainty looms as our economy tries to regain its footing. We must make the fiscal health of our nation a top priority. That’s why I voted in support of a plan to save Medicare, balance the budget and repeal Obamacare. Saturday, March 23 marked the third anniversary of President Obama’s health care law. The troubling reality is that with Obamacare comes higher premiums, lost coverage, cuts to Medicare and higher taxes.

Many policy battles await my colleagues and me in Washington. There will be tough decisions to make in order to keep the fiscal health and security of our nation among our top priorities. Please know that I am committed to doing just that. I encourage you to contact me about the issues that are weighing heavy on your mind or if you have plans to visit our nation's capital. My staff and I are here to be a resource to you.   

My staff and I were very disappointed to learn that President Obama suspended all tours of the White House. Please be assured that the U.S. Capitol Building remains open for business. If you plan to visit Washington this spring or summer, give our Washington office a call at 202-225-3501. We’ll be sure to schedule a tour of the U.S. Capitol Building for your group.

With spring's arrival also comes the Congressional Art Competition. My office is currently accepting applications for all high school students (grades 9-12). More information is available at http://brettguthrieforms.house.gov/Components/Redirect/r.aspx?ID=317938-....

Brett Guthrie

Second District, Congress