COLUMN: Grandparents are worthy of honor

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By Candis Carpenter

With grandparent’s day just around the corner, I think it’s appropriate to commend the works of grandparents in our county, state and nation.
Since being declared a national holiday by former President Jimmy Carter in 1978, Americans have taken advantage of the Sunday after Labor Day, to celebrate the impact that grandparent’s have had on their lives.
Grandparents, in my opinion, are an essential part in every person’s life, often times offering unbiased advice and a shoulder to lean on.
My “nana” was, and is, the only constant grandparent in my life and the impact she’s left upon me is everlasting.
Not only are her words a boost to my sometimes-bruised ego, she can also offer up just the right amount of advice to solve my problems.
I’ve heard several times, through different people, that “Being a grandparent is the greatest joy in the world and being a great-grandparent is even better.” Although I cannot attest to that fact yet I look forward to the days I can “baby my baby’s baby.”
I’m proof that grandparents work harder than what they get credit for.
 So this Sunday, take a chance to celebrate with the grandparents that are still with us and remember the legacy of those that are not.