COLUMN: Diaper age is full of new products and same old poo

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By Linda Ireland

My daughter Amanda called the other day and said she had decided to make the switch to cloth diapers.
I thought this was an excellent choice as young Lucy will celebrate her first birthday Saturday and with baby number three due in June, Amanda will be going through a lot of diapers. Disposable diapers are so handy but they are expensive and are not environmentally-friendly.
So I told her I would be happy to purchase a few packs of the prefolded ones I relied on for my babies. I hadn’t checked prices in years, but I figured they would cost about $20 for a pack. She would need a diaper pail, several pairs of plastic pants and diaper pins too.
Hey, I might have problems with the newfangled car seat and the Pack ‘N Play, but I know cloth diapers. Or so I thought.
It didn’t take long to figure out that we were not on the same page. She thought I was speaking Latin and I thought she had taken leave of her senses. She was looking at diapers that cost $20 each.
It wasn’t even just a diaper. It was a diapering “system.”
“You’ve moved to the big city and gone metro on me,” I told her. I knew that would happen when she settled down in Lexington.
My husband Bud and I looked on the Internet and found a store in Elizabethtown that carries one of the brands she was looking for: Bummis.
The owner was very knowledgeable and eager to talk about diapers. Not only did she have Bummis, she recited about a dozen names that left my head swimming: Thirsties, Kushies, Snappies, Nappies, Kissaluvs, Rumparooz, Baby Genius, Happy Heinies, Baby Kicks and something called Fuzzi Bunz.
I am not making this up. They make diapers called Fuzzi Bunz.
And you do not need plastic pants and diaper pins. The diapering system has a diaper cover that adjusts with snaps or Velcro, diaper liner and special detergent. That is why one diaper costs as much as a whole pack of the old style ones.
To add to my confusion, Amanda wanted a “hybrid” diaper. I didn’t see anything in the store that said “hybrid” so I dialed her number and handed the cell phone to the store owner. They had a nice conversation and the shopkeeper helped me pick out the right product. They looked like they would do the job. They were definitely cute too.
As I was checking out, she said, “Your daughter told me to tell you that she’s not crazy.”
“I never thought she was,” I answered. And now I’ve got the Fuzzi Bunz to prove it.