COLUMN: Christians have a right to be seen and heard

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By George Smith

 Do you recall an expression, “Children are to be seen, but not heard”?

When it comes to being a Christian in today’s world, that seems to be the feeling of many people. It is OK to be a Christian, but they don’t want you trying to force your beliefs on them.

Sometimes Christians are not treated the same way as any other group. No one seems alarmed when any other large group gets together, but they become alarmed when the gathering has a religious purpose.

If we believe that we should be teaching our children abstinence instead of “safe sex,” some feel Christians should remain silent. It is as if we have no right to speak.

Employers know you are a Christian and appreciate your great work, but change their feelings when you hesitate to go along with unethical practices at work because of your religious beliefs. They may say, “Well, business is business, and religion is religion, and we need to keep them separate.” They don’t want your Christianity interfering with your work.

This is not new for it goes all the way back to the beginning of the church. When the church began in the book of Acts there was such impact upon the community the Jewish political hierarchy was alarmed. They arrested Peter and John, threatened them and told them they could no longer speak in Jesus’ name. They said to these two men you can be seen, but we don’t want you to be heard.

But, the Bible consistently teaches that Christians are to be seen and heard.  We have the only message that shows men and women how to get back to God. May we never keep this message to ourselves. Jesus said, “Go tell.”