City of Hodgenville Mayor Cruse needs to go

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Mayor Cruse should step down from office. He is an elected official and became extremely ugly and unprofessional on the phone with me. I had called last week to ask for an extension and Madonna said she would do it until Friday, which was 31 Aug 2012. Madonna did tell me that she would do it this once and she would notify Debbie. Well Thursday close of business rolls around and my water was turned off. When I called to ask Madonna why the water was cut off, all she said was Debbie this and Debbie that. I was also informed that I would have to pay someone 2 hours of overtime to get my water turned back on. So, explain to me how it takes the water guy 2 hours to come to my house and turn a screw back on. I said Madonna I spoke with you not Debbie. All she could do was stutter and make excuses, she even accused me of yelling at her.Madonna then put me on hold and Mayor Cruse got on the phone and immediately was rude with me. He said who is this, I said this is Mr. Gain. I said that I called last week and made arrangements with Madonna not to turn the water off and that I would be in first thing Friday morning 31 Aug to pay the bill. He said I should have paid my bill and I had to pay 40 dollars if I wanted it turned back on. The city also turned it off at a time when it would be impossible to get anybody during normal hours to turn it back on.What is bad is that we have a very young baby in the house and two teenagers that need to shower before going to school tomorrow. I said to myself, no wonder this world is going to hell in a hand basket. Our own elected officials are no longer looking out for its citizens. There is nothing but corruption and lying, stealing and cheating going on. What really irks me is that I am a veteran who served in The US Army for 26 years before being medically retired. I tried to explain to the mayor that I only got paid once a month and all I had was my disability retirement. Did he care? No, he made a sny remark that he too was looking for retirement. I have a better idea Mayor Cruse, how about stepping down and let somebody who cares about this city take over. I tried to reason with him and all he did was lie and shift the blame away from his workers and try to extort money from me. I say this "Mayor Cruse you are not the man for the job". Dog catcher or sewage treatment worker seems to be a better fit. You won't have to interact with the public too much in those jobs because your not a people person.

The mayor is arrogant and does not care about his people or his city. Anybody reading this needs to remember this when voting.

City of Hodgenville resident

SFC (RET.) George Gain

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Roger Truitt, God rest his

Roger Truitt, God rest his soul, was voted out of office, in reality, because he was a republican. We have what we deserve. We ousted a man that cared deeply about the people he represented, always conducted himself in a courteous and professional manner, and was fiscally responsible when it came to the business of the city, because of a "label". Talk about hypocrisy and prejudice.

Please don't run down the dog catcher or the sewage treatment worker by implying the Cruse is qualified to do their job.

Let's just get him voted back in as sheriff and see how well that goes! To "Protect and to Serve" will take on a whole new meaning!

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Terry Cruse as the mayor of Hodgenville is a joke. He has been fired from numerous jobs and has a criminal history. He should have never been elected. He runs the mayors office as if it is a kingdom and he is the king. He uses an unprofessional tone when talking with people. His recent behavior regarding turning off the water to two households that had their deposit paid for by human rights advocate Ruth Blair is another example of him overstepping his authority. In addition, he wrote a very unprofessional letter to the paper trying to malign the Blair family. I think his true colors are showing and it is time for a big change in Hodgenville!

roy fisher
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terry cruise needs to go

THE only reason he got the job is because noone ran against him..he has always been rude,crude and obnoxius as well as conceited.he tries to run hodgensville as if he was a ruler instead of a mayor.the people of the county and city are seeing this and there will be a day of reckoning come next election