City Hall buys new computer for training, Free Movie Night

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By Linda Ireland

There have been few updates since a group of Kentucky State Troopers seized records and equipment June 28 at Hodgenville City Hall.

The investigators, part of the state’s special integrity unit, turned away residents from the door, informing them City Hall would reopen later that day. The officers, acting on a search warrant signed by LaRue Circuit Judge Charles Sims III, took several computers, financial records, ordinance books, minute books and a Rolodex (list of names and phone numbers).

A signed affidavit, leading to the warrant, was sealed by the judge. It was placed in a manila envelope with the notation “Sealed, pending further orders of the court.” The envelope was thoroughly taped and the judge penned his initials on each corner of the tape.

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Whitney Meredith told The Herald News, “it is not out of the ordinary to seal documents while a criminal investigation is pending. Those documents will become unsealed once the defendant is entitled to see them per the discovery rules.”

Hodgenville City Clerk MaDonna Hornback said Monday that investigators have “gone through the books and found nothing (amiss).”

She had to purchase a new laptop computer to replace one that was seized by KSP, she said. The computer that was taken was new and had little information on it.

She needed a replacement to do website training in order for the City to take payments online.

The first laptop was used to play movies during “Free Movie Night,” Hornback said. The new computer will be used for the same purpose.

It’s unclear how long the investigation will last or how long KSP will keep the records and computers.