City Council approves joint solid waste resolution, zoning map

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By Linda Ireland

 Hodgenville City Council approved a pair of measures Monday.

The Council voted to form a solid waste management area jointly with the county. The City will enforce any ordinances or laws involving waste or nuisances. Copies of the plan are available from Solid Waste Coordinator Jill Gray whose office is located in the basement of the LaRue County Courthouse.

The Council voted also to approve a zoning map amendment upon recommendation of Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Bud Ireland said the zoning maps had not been updated since 1998 and he has been working “off and on” on them for four years. After the map is approved, the Planning and Zoning Commission will update the county’s comprehensive plan, he added.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Wally Sparks said the department went on several runs last month: four lift assists, one car gas leak, one electrical pole on Greensburg Street that caught fire and one special detail.

Last year, firefighters went on 70 runs; in 2011, they went on 71 runs.

The City 3 (ladder) truck used 31.6 gallons of fuel and was driven 12 miles. The City 4 truck used 164.7 gallons of fuel and was driven 89 miles.

New officers for Hodgenville Fire Department are Michael Key, captain and medical officer; Eric Clark, captain and maintenance; and Darren Payne, lieutenant and equipment.

Sparks said the firefighters will remove the Christmas tree from the flagpole in Creekfront Park “as soon as it freezes.”

Mayor’s report

Mayor Cruse said the second phase of installing digital water meters within the city was under way. The City has about 1,600 customers. When stage two is complete, about 900 will have the new meters.

The meters are accurate to within one-tenth of a gallon and are easier to read, he said.

The mayor said a contract with Bluegrass Cellular was renegotiated. The communications company was paying $12,000 per year in rent to put an antenna on the city’s water tower on Greensburg Street. The company is putting four antennas on the tower and will pay the city $24,000 annually.

Cruse said the extra rainfall – so far – had not caused any sewer backups. Personnel worked over the weekend during the heavy rains making sure the equipment was working.

Mayor Cruse said he had received several complaints about a dilapidated house in K.C. Estates. The house was struck by a tornado last February and the interior walls are still standing. The elderly homeowners are no longer in the area.

He said the City has been mowing the yard. He would like the City to demolish the rest of the house and place a lien on the property.

City Council member Alex LaRue said his company, LaRue Insurance, held the policy on the property and he would try to resolve the problem. He will notify Cruse of his progress.