Christian Church to construct larger annex on Lincoln Square

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Construction chairman hopes to have building ready by Lincoln Days


Hodgenville Christian Church is in the midst of a construction project in downtown Hodgenville that members hope will produce an addition usable for the entire community.

According to Rita Williams, member of Hodgenville Christian Church and director of the LaRue County Chamber of Commerce, the first step in the process is to tear down an old storage building behind the church. The building, which was once a hardware store has been used for several purposes throughout the years and was bought by the church some time ago.

Construction chairman Fred Wells said Hodgenville Christian had been using the building for storage and some activities, but decided that it would be in the best interest of both the church and the community to tear down the building.

In its place, the church will erect a preformed metal building about the same size as the existing building. A wall of the church annex will be removed and the annex expanded to connect to the new building.

This new space will be equipped with a large fellowship hall, a kitchen, handicapped bathrooms, an activities room and some shower stalls. Wells said the shower stalls would be beneficial in times of need in the community, such as last year’s ice storm when many families were without electricity.

Wells said that the new building would be “more modern, and much nicer-looking” than the older building, and that it will be tan with a green roof.

Williams agreed, claiming that the new space “should be much more usable and should look much better in due time.”

Wells said that planning for a building expansion started more than a decade ago, and that the completion of the project will be considered a major accomplishment.

“It’s going to fulfill a lot of dreams for people who started planning years ago.”

According to Wells, the expansion will have an impact on more than just the church. Wells hopes that the new building will be a new downtown space for others as well.

“I would like to see us open up the space to the community,” Wells said.

The church hopes the building will be used for baby showers, reunions, wedding receptions, club meetings and other not-for-profit events. Wells said the church probably will assemble a committee to set guidelines for using the building.

Wells said they have no definite deadline for the project, but he hopes to see the building ready for the Lincoln Days celebration in October.