Business not hard to understand

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Letter to the editor

By The Staff

It appears to me several people need a Business 101 class. If I were to ask Wal-Mart for a donation to a good charity for $25, they would say yes. If I walked back in and asked for another, they would say no. You see a business cannot afford to give to everybody that asks – they would go broke.

In the Ronnie’s Custom Cabinets and Furniture By Design misunderstanding, it should be very easy to understand. My father, Ronnie Chelf, could not legally do business with the school system based on him being a board member.

Furniture By Design is owned by me, Jason Chelf, with a separate Federal ID number. Therefore, the school system contracted my business to do the work and Ronnie Chelf simply donated his facility and tools to Furniture By Design.

If he donated his facility and tools to every Furniture By Design project, I don’t think he would be in business much longer.

Jason Chelf, Hodgenville