Bond reduced for shooting suspects

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Judge Simms sets requirement at $300,000 cash or property

By The Staff

At a bond hearing Feb. 23, Nelson Circuit Court Judge Charles Simms reduced the $1 million cash-only bail for two of the three men accused of murdering Donald C. Marshall of Hodgenville.

Stephen Austin Howard and Maurice Greenwell had their bonds reduced to $300,000 cash or property. The amount represented a middle ground after lawyers for the defendants argued that they should be released on their own recognizance while the commonwealth said it should stay at $1 million.

Kenneth Craig Mattingly, the first suspect charged in an investigation that has now snared nine individuals, had his bond maintained at the $1 million level.

At the hearing, Judge Simms said the commonwealth’s evidence made a stronger case against Mattingly.

Marshall was found dead Nov. 10, 2009, from gunshot wounds to the head in the driver’s seat of a white Ford pickup truck at the intersection of Nelsonville Road and Nelsonville Lane near Boston.