Boil water advisory lifted

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Water samples OK'd for consumption


A boil water advisory was lifted for customers of Hodgenville Water Works Friday morning. Residents in the area east of Lincoln Boulevard from Lee’s Famous Recipe to East Water Street were advised to boil water for consumption after a 10-inch water main on Smith Street burst Tuesday night.


About 700,000 gallons of water was lost – much of it running down Smith Street and through residents’ yards – before the leak could be stopped.


City workers located a shut-off valve on Greensburg Street but it was frozen, according to city works supervisor Tommy Despain. Since they could not find another valve, they were unable to stop the water flowing into the hole around the break.


Wednesday afternoon, workers used a large capacity pump to drain the water low enough so the pipe could be capped.


Mayor Terry Cruse said the repair was completed about 4 p.m. Wednesday.


City water supervisor Jeff McDowell said the entire system of water lines was flushed “to make sure there are no problems.”


The leak was stopped before two of the city’s water tanks emptied. About 12-feet of water remained in the 250,000 gallon capacity Greensburg Street tank and the 350,000 gallon capacity high school tank, McDowell said. If the tanks had emptied, they would have to be sterilized – a lengthy and expensive process.


A representative from the Division of Water told Cruse the lack of rainfall may have contributed to the line break.


“When the ground gets so dry, it contracts and puts pressure on the pipes,” said Cruse. “We’ve had four service lines in the last six weeks to break.”