Board hears personnel recommendations

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The following personnel recommendations were made last Monday at the school board meeting:
• Alfredo Silva as Spanish teacher at LaRue County High School
• Bethann Lockett as teacher at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
• Veronica Milby as performance specialists at Kid’s Crew Plus
• Mary Gomer, Rhonda Hornback, Yvonne Fay, Debbie Puckett, Ann Cissell, Regina McDowell, Laura Bauer and Evelyn Kirkpatrick as 3-hour instructional assistants at Hodgenville Elementary School.
• Tina Southwood as guidance counselor at ALES
• Sue Osborne as principal of HES
• Rosa Kelley as full-time bilingual assistant for the family services department at LaRue County Board of Education
• Adam Lindsey as physical education teacher at LCHS
• Melissa Longhofer as school administrative manager for ALES
• Amy Kiper as teacher at ALES
• Alice Hedge, Paul Hedge, Peggy Jones and Randall Mather as substitute school bus monitors for the LaRue County bus garage
• Joshua Adam Huff as teacher at LCHS
• Mitchell Hedge as part-time custodian at LaRue County Middle School
• Peggy Mather as custodian at LCMS
• Tara Collins as language arts teacher at LCMS
• Pam Walters, teacher at LCMS
• Victoria Wright, teacher at LCMS
• Tina Southwood as teacher at ALES
• Michael Hartley as vehicle mechanic at LaRue County bus garage
• Lisabeth Blair as instructional assistant at LCHS