Board creates new teaching position

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By Keith Knight

 The October school board meeting took place at LaRue County High School on Oct. 15 in the library. Among the topics discussed was the need to contract an instructor specialized to provide services for the hearing impaired, HVAC units for the middle school cafeteria, and discussion options for replacement of two school buses.

Camille Turner, Director of Special Education Services recommended the board to contract an instructor capable of providing services required by a hearing impaired preschool age student currently residing within the LaRue County School District. The contract will go through Heuser Learning and Language Academy and will accommodate for approximately 175 days or the remainder of the child’s school year. The board approved the motion to move forward with the contract.

Second on the agenda was a recommendation to solicit bids for LaRue County Middle School’s cafeteria heating, ventilation and air conditioning units.

Both units inside the cafeteria are in need of replacement according to Phil Fulkerson, Maintenance Director. The board passed the motion and will first reach out to the LaRue County community to contract the work locally.

Finally was the recommendation of bus 101 and 94 as surplus and auctioning them through KISTA. With past buses, Kentucky Interlocal School Transportation Association (KISTA) auction has brought more money from surplus buses than any other means of disposing of them, according to Fulkerson. It was further recommended of the board to purchase two Bluebird buses at $98,000 per bus to take the place as well as maintain the passenger capacity of buses 101 and 94. All board members approved the motion. 

The next school board meeting will take place on Nov. 19.