Better Business Bureau gives Award Notification an 'F'

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 Jeannette Benningfield of Hodgenville recently received a large, official-looking envelope from the “Award Notification Commission.”

The enclosed letter said it was sent from the “Office of the President” and described her “provisional payment schedule.” She could take a 30-year distribution, receiving $66,667 each month or a lump sum of $1.25 million.

Her only requirements were to verify her name, that she is over 18, and that she is not an employee of the Award Notification Commission.

It had more official-looking and sounding information. The fine print advised that “if” she returned the preselected winning number and it is matched, then she would win.

It also asks for a “premium acquisition fee” of $11.89. It’s not clear “why” the company wants that amount; however, for an additional $3, Benningfield could get “rush processing.”

According to the Better Business Bureau in Kansas, where the company is headquartered, the fee is to acquire some kind of coupon book.

Some of the fine print says the purpose of the sweepstakes is to promote various products featured by sponsor NextGen, Inc., Overland Park, Kansas.

That BBB office has given an “F” rating to the company due to several consumer complaints about the mailing and the merchandise sold by the company.