Band of Hawks takes Reserve Grand Champion at Bourbon

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Special to The LaRue County Herald News

The LaRue County High School Band of Hawks started the season off strong competing in Bourbon County on Saturday. In preliminary competition the Hawks outscored every Class AAA band to win awards for Best Music Performance, Best Visual Performance, Best Effect and First Place.  


The Hawks outscored the second place band by “an incredible spread of 3.2 points,” said Band Director Jaime Smith.  

From there, 10 of the 15 competing bands advanced to Open Class Finals competition, where they earned the Reserve Grand Champion title, only being outscored by Lafayette High School, a Class AAAAA band with six times as many students on the field.

Altogether, LCHS was one of only two bands to receive a Division II rating, the highest rating possible for this time of the year.  

“This was an incredible accomplishment for our kids,” said Smith. “In years past, we have not competed on this first competitive weekend, because we didn’t feel we were ready to go out. But this is a special group of young people. Saturday was the strongest start to a season we’ve had in many years. When you consider one judge had us within one-tenth of a point of Lafayette in Visual Performance, while another had us within a half-point in Music Performance, that’s amazing. I’m looking forward to an incredible season with these kids.”

The Band of Hawks’ next competition is Sept. 21 at the Taylor County Marching Invitational, where they will perform in prelims at 4 p.m.