Band director highly qualified

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Former director says Band of Hawks are in good hands

By The Staff

Since I was on the committee that helped select Jaime Smith as the present band director of LaRue County High School, I feel that it is my duty and obligation to defend him against some of the baseless criticism and false comments that he is receiving from an element in the county that cannot find anything positive or complimentary about our school system and some of its personnel, which includes Smith and the band program.

For someone to make a statement that Smith will “ruin the band,” that person or persons must be unaware of the successes that Smith and the band achieved this past school year. The band’s marching performance this year was not only a beauty to observe, but their musical rendition on the field was a sound of beauty. I was present when the band performed their numbers at the Kentucky Music Festival, for which they received a well-deserved Distinguished Rating. That performance was superior to many of the other bands, which participated in the event. The local critics must also be unaware of Smith’s superb musical ability, his excellent teaching techniques, his constant work ethic, and his positive teacher-student relationship. None of the above shows any indication of failure or ruination. I can vouch for the aforementioned assets, because of the numerous times that I have attended rehearsals and conversed with Smith. If anything will “ruin” the band, it will be the negativism and lack of cooperation on the part of the very small minority of band parents and other unknowing adults.

A lot of this negative criticism was and is because Smith was chosen over and above one or two of the candidates for the LCHS band director’s position.

Having sat through the interviews for the position, I can honestly say that Smith’s total qualifications were far superior to all other applicants, and this includes the applicants who were employees of the LaRue County School System.

The LaRue County High School Band of Hawks is in good hands, and the outlook for their future promises nothing but success.

 Joseph E. "Gene" Hoggard

 LCHS Band Director, 1955-1971