Attitude is everything

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By Theresa Howard

A positive attitude affects overall health and well-being. An overall good attitude makes life happier, more enjoyable and it makes various things in life generally easier to carry out. A positive attitude also helps you better react and adjust to life’s challenges, relationships and the ability to fight illness and disease. Being positive over our lifespan causes less stress overall and leads to a pathway of healthier living.

Attitude affects:

  •  Academic, work and personal successes
  •  Physical and mental being
  •  Appearance and verbal communication

 Positive people are generally: 

  •  Easygoing
  •  Have a sense of humor
  •  Express emotions
  •  Enthusiastic or passionate at work and home
  •  Accept challenges

To Develop a Positive Attitude: 

  •  Look for the good in things
  •  Be confident, positive, punctual and patient
  •  Believe in yourself
  •  Be unique
  •  Set goals
  •  Accept change

Doing things that make you happy is also important to staying positive. You must choose to be happy; therefore, choose activities, seek experiences and engage in relationships that you enjoy and that bring you happiness. 

Social activity impacts a person’s mental and physical health and overall well-being. Those who are socially connected throughout life are more likely to experience happiness and joy, have higher self-esteem, self-worth and competence. They are less likely to fall prey to depression and have a reduced risk for illnesses and diseases such as heart and Alzheimer’s disease. Being social can also contribute to longevity.

Another way in which you can be social is to get out and get involved in activities that are meaningful to you. Clubs, service organizations, volunteering, outings and various classes can provide meaningful social activity and an outlet for fun. In doing so, you will likely engage with people who have similar interests and passions as well. If you would like information on any of our Extension organizations such as: Homemakers association, 4-H specialty clubs, or Ag commodity groups, contact our office at 270-358-3401 after Jan. 2, 2014. Meaningful social activity contributes to your sense of purpose, mastery and fulfillment.