The Allen Family: A Legacy of Service

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Part of the 4th of July Special

As with many LaRue County families, the Marvin Allen family has served their country long and well.


Four of five sons answered the call to service during World War II. Harvey, Leamon, Charles and Haynes all served in the Pacific, and were overseas at the same time.

The fifth son, Ruel, could not serve because of a heart condition. Ironically, it was his children who represented the next generation in the service. Harold served in Germany, Gussie in the States and Charles in Vietnam.

Hayne’s grandson, First Lieutenant James Hornback, represents the third generation to serve in the Army. He has served in Afghanistan and is currently stationed in Fort Stewart, Georgia.

He and his wife, First Lieutenant Samantha Hornback, US Army Reserve, are awaiting the arrival of their first child, Colt Haynes Hornback.

When asked why he chose to serve, Jimmy said he wanted to repay those who had so willingly served before.

His grandfather, Haynes Allen, passed away in 1999.