ALES performs ‘Lewis and Clark’

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By Ron Benningfield

Imagine you’re giving a report in class about some historical figures when there’s a sudden knock on the door, and there, waiting to come in, are those very same people.

That’s the situation that occurs in a musical that Abraham Lincoln Elementary School’s fourth and fifth grade students will present there at 1 p.m. Dec. 18 for the student body and Dec. 19 at 6:30 p.m. for the community.

The production, “The Adventures of Lewis and Clark,” was written by Roger Emerson and John Jacobson.  

This year marks the 210th anniversary of the 1804-06 Lewis and Clark expedition that explored and mapped the newly acquired territory in the western half of the United States.

“Ten years ago, we performed this same production at Buffalo and Magnolia elementaries to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the expedition,” recalled ALES music teacher Penny Akers. “Those 2003 cast members would have graduated from high school last year.”

She hopes some of the original cast will attend this year’s production put together by the arts/humanities and practical living team of teachers – Akers, Jennifer Propes, Jayda Bowen, Verda Hacker, Tina London and Kim Wathen.

The ALES PTO has also acquired the services of two artists, LCHS alumnus Jeshua Logsdon and his wife Kelsey.

“Jeshua is working with me in choreographing the production,” said Akers. “Kelsey is working with Jayda to create props and sets.”

The musical is set in “Mr. Wilson’s” history classroom. While one student, “Cassie‚” is giving her detailed but rather boring report of the expedition, she is interrupted by several knocks at the classroom door. 

When a frustrated Cassie opens the door, the entire Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery company burst into the classroom shouting, “We’re back!” The guests proceed, through song and dance, to tell Cassie the story of their journey.  

The production has eight songs, including two solos and a trio.

Cast and Crew

Cassie – Katelyn Eads; Captain Merriweather Lewis – Colton Perkins; Captain William Clark – Jaxon Williams; Charbonneau – Isaiah Pruitt; Sacajawea – Autumn Corbin; York – Noah Cundiff; Scannon, the dog – Emmi Cline; Flapper dancers –Mary Pruitt, Mallory Riggs, Desirae Swarts; James Monroe – Alex Matherly; Robert Livingston – Chris Collard; Thomas Jefferson – Alex Tarpley; Napoleon – Taylor Full; Soldiers – Brendan Keith; Derrick Robinson, Jacob Uselton.

Native Americans – Alexis Summitt, Aimee Hornback; Mr. Wilson – Biven Turner; Students – Chandler Walters, Makayla Lewis; Haley Thompson; Madison Wilmoth.