Agriculture Market Day set for Aug. 29

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By David Harrison

Respondents to a recent online poll in The LaRue County Herald News indicated a majority was interested in a local farmers market.

For the past several years, LaRue County producers have had a summer, two afternoons a week, farmers market. Unfortunately, this year there was insufficient interest by vendors to have it. However, those interested could still purchase farm produce at various roadside set ups, on farm and at local orchards.

In addition, the LaRue County Extension Office is hosting an Agriculture Market Day from noon to 6 p.m. on Aug. 29. This will provide local producers an opportunity to sell, and consumers to buy, farm products. There is no charge for a set up.

A wide selection of items including vegetables, hot peppers, apples and other fruit, honey, jams, jellies, bread, beef and chevon (goat meat products) are already committed. Other items are anticipated. This will also give growers an opportunity to promote their fall crops, such as pumpkins, gourds, fall apples or fall plants.

Another interesting product on display and for sale is a portable chicken house complete with enclosed pasture area, roosts and nests.

Additional activities are planned. Already scheduled are a petting zoo of farm animals, open house for the Extension office, a duck pond, cotton candy and other fun and games.

Food will be available. Durham’s Beef will cook and serve hamburger meals for lunch and through the afternoon.

Producers who are interested in selling or having a display should contact the Extension office at 358-3401 for information and to sign up as a vendor.  

LaRue County Consumers are encouraged to visit the Extension office that afternoon to enjoy the fun, market day activities, purchase local products, and eat local food.

Watch for additional information in the newspaper and on our office Facebook page.