Absentee ballots eliminate excuses for missing the Nov. 2 election

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County Clerk's office provides information about voting

By The Staff

Although the Nov. 2 election is still several days away, many voters across Kentucky have already cast their ballots. State law provides opportunities for voters to cast absentee ballots through Nov. 1.

In LaRue County, the process is simple: Go to County Clerk Linda Carter’s office and tell the worker you would like to cast an absentee ballot. They’ll ask a few questions and assist you with paperwork. You sit at a table, mark the ballot and feed it into a voting machine to be scanned.

That’s it.

If you are casting an absentee ballot because you will be out of town Nov. 2, you will be asked to sign a document stating such.

Other reasons that permit casting an absentee ballot include advanced age, disability, or illness; third trimester pregnancy; and scheduled surgery for self or a spouse.

Other voters who may request to vote early are military personnel, their dependents, and overseas citizens; students who temporarily reside outside the county; other voters who temporarily reside outside of Kentucky, such as a vacationer; voters incarcerated but not yet convicted; workers whose job takes them out of the county during polling hours; and election officials.

You can apply also for a mail-in ballot. Call the clerk’s office at 358-3544 for more information.

– Linda Ireland, editor