4-H: Poetry winners announced

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By Misty Wilmoth

Congratulations to all the participants in the 4-H Poetry Contest. Participants are to be commended for their efforts. Fifty-eight poems were entered and the poems have been judged. The results are listed as follows.
The poems were divided into two age groups for judging. Junior division participants are ages 9-13 and the senior age division includes 14-18 year olds.
The top-eight junior poems and the top-four senior poems will advance to the District competition.
These poems will also be published in the District 4-H Poetry Book. All winners will receive a copy of the poetry book.
Dylan Goodin, Senior Division Winner, LCHS
Kentucky Skies
 Kentucky skies they mesmerize
Their brilliant shades of blue
That glistens down upon me
Along with morning dew
The smell of hay on rolling hills
The horses in their pasture
Thanking god for every day
As life keeps getting faster
The sun grows warm upon my cheeks
As the day goes on
And while I feed the pets
I hum a passed down song
Kentucky skies they’re beautiful
Even when they’re dark
The deep and dazzling cobalt
Leaves on my heart its mark
Leslie Pike, Junior Division Winner
The Butterfly
 What can bring joy to your heart? What can brighten up your day?
What is like a shining rainbow here and far away?
Butterflies!  Oh Butterflies!  See them floating in the skies.
Orange as the rising sun, black as when the day is done,
Yellow as a duckling’s down, or camouflaged, simple brown,
Tinged with blue and pink and green, loveliest you’ve ever seen
Of any of the many creatures with such different shapes and features.
Butterflies! Oh Butterflies!
From the heart of Paradise,
Flying jewels did surely rise,
Now the grace the azure skies.
Clothed in royal raiment, prettier than us, and yet,
Never proud, nor envious, they don’t worry who’s the best.
All are equal to each other; each as good as the other.
Butterflies, so fine and grand, fashioned by the Master’s hand.
See them soaring through the air,
Like trained dancers, yet, they wear
Outfits that no man could make – seamless as a placid lake.
Look, I say, look to the skies, look and see the butterflies.
Here are they that know the love, of their true home high above.
Their Maker is pleased with them. Unlike us, the fallen men,
They are pure and innocent, as the Master always meant.
They are Heaven come to earth; treasure them for all their worth!
Live life well, so you may die,
Pure as is the butterfly.
Junior Division Results
Second - Alyssa White, ALES, Baking
Third - Alexandra Shelton, HES, Softball
Fourth - Kayla Aubrey, HES, The Blanket
Fifth - Anna Ronkainen, Homeschool, Pencils
Sixth - Bailey Rogers, ALES, I Love You Mom
Seventh - Kaitlyn Knight, HES, Here
Eighth - Daisy Graham, HES, On the Island


Senior Division Results
Second - Kyrstan Heath, LCHS, The American Saddlebred
Third - Delaina White, LCMS, Remembering Haiti
Fourth - Evelyn Ruth Whelan, LCHS, Blanket