4-H honors program deadline is approaching

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Story by Misty Wilmoth, 4-H Extension Agent

By The Staff

Nov. 14 is the deadline for 4-H members to submit applications for the honors program and selection as delegates to 2009 National 4-H Congress.

These activities recognize exemplary participation in the 4-H Youth Development Program.  

The honors program recognizes senior 4-H members for outstanding projects and activities that increase their knowledge, skills and abilities. This isn’t a competition. Instead, members establish an annual plan of work to achieve personal goals and develop leadership and citizenship expertise. They receive points for meeting specific project and activity standards for three achievement levels, bronze, silver and gold, in that order.  

Last year, two LaRue County 4-H members earned honors awards. Weston Heath earned the bronze award. The silver award was received by Megan Mier.

For the bronze honor, 4-Hers 14 years and older earn points based on projects, participation in communication activities and other events, citizenship and leadership training and length of membership.  

The silver honor recognizes youth age 15 and older for personal communication and leadership skills, marketing experiences, recruitment and organizational support.

To achieve the gold honor, 4-H members must demonstrate outstanding citizenship and community service activities individually and in group efforts.  This process involves community studies and interviews, selecting projects or activities, developing and implementing a plan of action, and project or activity evaluation.

Members earning the gold honor can apply for The Courier-Journal Award of Excellence based on their honor experiences. The winner receives a $500 savings bond.

Each bronze, silver and gold honor recipient will receive a pin and certificate at the 2009 Teen Conference.

Candidates chosen as delegates to the 2009 National 4-H Congress must have achieved at least the bronze honor level. Selection criteria are solid project work, broad 4-H experience, significant 4-H citizenship and leadership activities, knowledge of the world around them and the necessary skills to effectively express themselves.

Each candidate has a team interview and writes an essay on 4-H experiences.

Programming at the National 4-H Congress will address youth needs and issues while helping delegates become capable, competent and caring citizens.  It will focus on leadership, empowerment and cultural diversity through educational, recreational and networking activities.

If you are a senior 4-Her (age 14-18) and you would be interested in applying, call or stop by the Extension Office for an application.

4-H Honors Award Applications are due to the Extension Office by Nov. 14.

4-H members can only apply for one level each year and must earn the bronze level before applying for silver and silver before applying for gold.  I would be glad to assist you if you have questions concerning the honors award application.