30 sign up for summer weight loss program

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By Felicia Gray

 Wednesday, June 4 marked the first week of the summer weight loss program hosted at the LaRue County Senior Center.  

The first meeting was a sign-up and weigh-in day, as well as a day for participants to set goals for the summer. 

Participants had their height and weight checked to determine their current Body Mass Index (BMI).

Dona Bradshaw, a former teacher at Buffalo Elementary, was one of the 30 people to sign up for the program Wednesday.

 “I’m not that much overweight,” she said. “If I can lose 10 pounds ... but it’s so hard for me. Ten for me would be 20 for someone else.”

Family and Consumer Services Agent Theresa Howard gave everyone who signed up pedometers and told them to shoot for about 10,000 steps per day. About 2,000 steps are the same as one mile.

Diana Leathers, community health educator, said she was thrilled with how many people showed up.

“I tried to get other people to come, but people are busy. They may think it’s not important, but I do,” said Bradshaw.

Howard said people are welcome to join one (or more) of the classes, even if they missed the initial sign-up.

Schedule of discussions

Wednesday, June 11 – Get Moving (physical activity, LaRue County Walking Trails)

Wednesday, June 18 – Healthy Eating (diabetes educator, serving size)

Thursday, June 26 – Nutrition (reading labels)

Wednesday, July 2 – Balance Meals (discretionary calories)

Wednesday, July 9 – Eating Out (fast food can equal fast calorie load)

Wednesday, July 16 – Think Your Drink (calories in drinks)

Wednesday, July 23 – Importance of Breakfast

Thursday, July 31 – Fruits and Vegetables

Wednesday, Aug. 6 – Final weigh-in (celebrate success)