‘Spanish in the Workplace’ offered at the library

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By Sarah Graff

Uno, dos, tres…

Most likely most of us can count to 10 in Spanish and that’s about it. Remember when you studied Spanish in high school or maybe even in college? When one thinks of learning to speak another language it can be quite a challenge. Spanish is the second most common and spoken language in the United States. Bilingual speakers in the workplace can be very helpful to any business reaching out to a wider customer base.

This Thursday, here at the LaRue County Public Library, we are offering a class on “Basic Spanish in the Workplace.” It will be taught by Randy Stephens. So if you’re interested in brushing up on your Spanish speaking skills or just wanting to try it for the first time. We invite you to join us.

Esperamos verlos alli – We hope to see you there.

Sarah Graff is the technical services librarian at the LaRue County Public Library, 201 S. Lincoln Blvd., Hodgenville. For more information, call 358-3851.