• DELICIOUS BLACKBERRIES for sale. "You pick" $12.50 gallon. Thornless easy to pick. 2681 Locust Grove Rd. E'town. Call 270-765-7557.

  • FRESH LOCAL VEGETABLES NOW IN Sweet corn, tomatoes, candy onion, watermelon, blackberries, cantaloupe, local honey, sorghum molasses and more. Closed on Sunday. Mose Yoder, 6691 Sonora Rd., Hodgenville.

  • Hardin County Farmers Market 200 Peterson Drive. Open Wed., 10 to 2 Sat, 7 to 12. Tomatoes, green beans, squash, and much more. As well as: pork, beef, eggs, flowers, jams, jellies, baked goods, soap and gourds. ALL LOCALLY GROWN

  • PHIL'S PRODUCE at the corner of North Mulberry and French Streets in Elizabethtown now has: Kentucky grown tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, green beans, yellow & zucchini squash & candy onions. South Carolina Peaches. Beginning Sat, July 23 we will have Serendipity Sweet Corn.
    Taking orders for green beans by the bushels. Call 270-737-3516 We always appreciate your business